Jagua juice

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Jagua juice is made from squeezed Genipa Americana fruits to create 100% natural and fresh juice. Use the juice as ink to create your own batch of Jagua gel or Hengua paste, a mixture of Jagua and Henna.

What our customer say

This is my third time ordering from Jagua Henna and the stain never disappoints! I also love the fact that they sell ready to use Jagua gel. Overall great!

Senna, USA

Not my first order from here. I love the quality of the gel, the nice customer service and the fast shipping. I definitely recommend it.

Zsuzsanna, Hungary

Absolutely stunning, only after 1 hour on my skin!

Henna Las Palmas, Spain

I mixed Jagua and henna and the result is great!

Arcahenna, France