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Jagua Powder 0.35 Oz

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Jagua powder is a natural product made from Genipa Americana fruit. The fruit is harvested, dried, and ground into a fine powder. Use the powder to create your own Jagua gel or Hengua paste, a mixture of Jagua and Henna, exactly how you like it.

How to make Jagua gel from Powder

How to make Jagua gel from Powder

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Jagua powder has a shelf life of up to one year when vacuum sealed. You can even freeze Jagua powder to preserve its staining quality.

Our Jagua powder is 100% natural and comes with EU cosmetic certifications (EC1223/2009). It is a great option for anyone looking to perfect their own gel or paste, completely safe.


Jagua Henna

What our customers say

The best quality and 100% Pure Genipa Fruit Extract.

Xristos Anagno, Greece

Love everything about Jagua henna! It is perfect when you want to have black henna because the powder and the process of making it is all natural! So no allergic reaction to it at all 😍

Jagjiet Madahar, the Netherlands

So impressed with their Raw Jagua powder. Absolutely in love with this product, I have used it several times now and every time, I get blown away with the results. Makes a smooth Jagua Henna Paste that gives vibrant black stain.

Shaz Mehndi , UK