How to use our ready made Jagua Gel

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How to use our ready made Jagua Gel

Step into the captivating world of body art and temporary tattoos with our ready-made jagua gel. Whether you're a seasoned tattoo artist or a first-time enthusiast, jagua gel is perfect for creating highly detailed designs. In this article we'll explain how to do just that.

What is Jagua Gel?

Jagua gel is a blue-black natural substance, derived from the fruit juice of the Genipa Americana tree. We process the juice into a perfect consistency, which is thick enough to resist flowing like a liquid but can still be squeezed out of a tube or cone to make thin solid lines.

All of our ingredients have been thoroughly tested, which is why our jagua gel holds an official EC 1223/2009 certification. This makes jagua gel suitable and safe to apply it directly onto the skin. Jump right into the tattooing process without any work or worries!

Watch the following video to get a better understanding of the gel's consistency:

Want to make jagua gel yourself? Follow our recipe how to make jagua gel with jagua powder or jagua juice to give it your own twist.

Differences between gel tubes and pouches

Our jagua gel is available in three different quantities:

Tubes are suitable for drawing tattoos directly onto the skin. They are small and light enough to be handheld and you can attach a fine applicator tip to it. Each tube comes with a tip connector and a medium-sized applicator tip so you immediately good to go! Consider adding a small applicator tip to your order for even finer details.

Jagua gel tubes

Pouches are too clumsy to be used directly, which is why you need to pour the gel from the pouch into an applicator bottle or a plastic cone. Because pouches have a large capacity, they are suitable for a large number of designs and feature a better price by weight!

Make sure that you store any unused jagua gel in the right conditions to preserve its quality. You can freeze the gel in the pouch itself or your applicator bottle. Learn more about how to store Jagua products.

Creating temporary tattoos with jagua gel

The gel's consistency strikes the perfect balance between thickness and thinness, making it ideal for crafting designs with fine details. You can achieve beautiful and precise tattoo designs without the limitations of a paste that is too thick or too thin.

Use the tube or applicator bottle to draw your design directly on the skin. Read our guide for more information on how to create a temporary tattoo:

How to create a temporary tattoo with Jagua

Hoe je een tijdelijke tattoo met Jagua maakt

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Whether you are a professional tattoo artist or someone looking to create temporary tattoos for fun, Jagua gel provides a user-friendly solution that delivers impressive results. Enjoy the ease of application and the freedom to bring your creative ideas to life with Jagua gel!

Feel free to contact us if you need any help. We are also very curious about the result! Share it with us on Instagram or other socials.

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