What is the difference between Jagua gel, juice, and powder?

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What is the difference between Jagua gel, juice, and powder?
All three Jagua products are derived from the Genipa Americana fruit and are utilized to craft striking temporary tattoos that result in a blue-black stain. This article will explain the distinctions among these products.

Jagua juice

Jagua juice consists of freshly squeezed Genipa Americana fruit juice. Its texture resembles water, which makes it unsuitable for direct application to the skin. By using Jagua juice, you have the opportunity to create your own Jagua gel or Hengua paste. Simply combine xanthan gum and essential oil to formulate a gel.

Jagua powder

Jagua powder is a natural powder extracted from the Genipa Americana fruit. The fruit is harvested, dried, and finely ground to create this powder. This fine powder can be used to craft your own batch of Jagua gel or Hengua paste. The gel can be prepared by adding water, xanthan gum, and essential oil. 

Jagua gel

Our Jagua gel stands out as an, pre-made product that can be directly applied to your skin, ensuring a consistent and dependable outcome. This ready-to-use gel possesses the perfect texture and thickness, for an effortless application process. It's an excellent choice for artists who desire a hassle-free experience and prefer not to mix their own paste.


If you're uncertain about which product to select, consider whether you'd like to create your own gel. If so, you can opt for Jagua powder or juice. On the other hand, if you prefer a product that's ready for immediate use, Jagua gel is the ideal choice. Regardless of the Jagua product you choose, you can trust that they will all give you stunning results for your temporary tattoos!

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