Safe and Certified products

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Safe and Certified products

UV-sterilization and cosmetic testing 

After sieving into a super-fine powder, the product is UV-sterilized. Our batches are then rigorously tested in an external laboratory.

All results are documented in Certificate of Analyses (CoA) that you can access on our website. All these stringent inspections are necessary to bring you a safe and cosmetic compliant jagua.

Premium quality jagua products 

We can offer premium quality jagua because of our selection of fresh fruits, careful processing with strict quality checks, and rigorous laboratory testing.

All these steps are needed to bring you premium quality jagua powder, juice, and gel. You can rely on us for temporary tattoo products with a superior stain for up to two weeks.

Worry-free and cosmetic certified

All our products are rigorously tested in external laboratories according to the most professional standards. You can easily access all tests and product documentation on our website.

Our jagua products are developed according to EU cosmetic regulations (ec1223/2009). We made these investments so you can now enjoy jagua completely worry-free.

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