Is Jagua safe to use?

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Is Jagua safe to use?

Is Jagua safe to use?

Absolutely! Jagua products by Jagua Henna are safe cosmetic products that can be applied directly on the skin. 

Jagua is a safe choice for dark temporary tattoos. Jagua is a natural dye drive from the unripe fruit of the Genipa Americana tree. One of the main reasons why Jagua is considered safe is its natural origin. Unlike some synthetic and chemical-based products, Jagua does not contain any additional additives that could pose health risks. It is free from harmful chemicals such as PPD, which is commonly found in certain black henna products and is known to cause skin allergies and adverse reactions. Instead, Jagua is 100% natural! 

Cosmetic certification 

Jagua Henna stands out as a trusted and reliable source for Jagua products. All our products have obtained cosmetic certification (ec1223/2009) in accordance with European cosmetic regulations. 

The European cosmetic regulations are stringent and ensure that products adhere to strict safety standards. The certification process involves regorous testing and evaluation of the ingredients and formulations to ensure that they meet the necessary criteria for safe cosmetic use. By obtaining this certification, Jagua Henna provides its customers with high-quality, safe, and reliable products. 

Allergic reactions

As some people are allergic to fruits or peanuts, it can happen that people are also sensitive to Jagua. We do not recommend the use of Jagua for people with fruit allergies, eczema, extremely sensitive skin and/or G6PD. 

To prevent allergic reactions or irritations, test Jagua on a small patch of skin before applying the tattoo. The tattoo can be drawn without a problem if you’re not experiencing any irritation within 15-120 minutes.

Read more on our Health & Safety page. 



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