How we make Jagua: from tree to tattoo

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How we make Jagua: from tree to tattoo
All of our Jagua products start with 100% natural and fresh Jagua fruits. So how do we go from tree to tattoo? The journey starts in Colombia where we process the Jagua fruits and ends in the Netherlands where we transform the raw ingredients into safe and certified products.

Sustainable fruit sourcing

All our products start with only the best jagua fruits. Only 50% of the ripe fruits are selected and collected, to ensure the best stain and to maintain biodiversity. Sustainable fruit sourcing is one of our main priorities, so we can make everyone happy from tree to tattoo.

Safe collection practices

Did you know that jagua trees grow up to 30 meters tall? And that fruit collection can be dangerous? We believe that jagua suppliers should prove that their fruits are collected safely. We only buy fruits that are sourced from small trees or that are collected with climbing equipment. We already started working with smaller trees for easier and safer future collection.

Preservation and reforestation

Jagua trees are native to Colombia, but as the trees are often not viewed as useful they are cut down. Buying Jagua fruits helps to preserve existing trees. Because farmers now have an economic incentive to preserve jagua trees. Together, we are also studying and replanting Jagua trees.

Protecting biodiversity

The preservation and reforestation of jagua trees will help to reduce negative impacts related to climate change and will help to protect local biodiversity. At least 50% of the fruits are left on the tree so that animals, birds, and insects can eat the fruits and let the trees naturally disperse.

Extra income and fair payment

We buy fresh fruits from local farmers and pay them a fair price per kilogram. If you use jagua henna, you automatically support incomes of multiple families and help to preserve native trees.

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Processing the fruits

So how do we create the actual dye from the fruit? We have our own production facility where we process the fruits. Here are the steps we roughly take to create our Jagua Henna products:

  1. Selection of fruits. The process begins by harvesting the unripe Jagua fruits. We quickly transport them to the factory, where we do another selection round so that only the best fruits will be processed.

  2. Cleaning process. The Jagua fruits are washed and impurities are removed so that clean Jagua fruits remain. 

  3. Dehydration process. They are now processed into Jagua slices. These slices are placed on trays and go through the dehydration process in the ovens. Once the dehydration time has passed, the trays are removed from the ovens.

  4. Quality checks. Produce with a brown color will be removed because it affects the quality of the Jagua powder that we want to have.

  5. Sieving. The product is processed into a UV sterilised fine powder. The powder that is obtained after being ground passes through an electric sieve that has different sieves.
  6. Sterilization process. Lastly, the powder goes then through a sterilization process with UV lights to remove some microbiological load. It is now ready to be packed! 

Our factory complies with good manufacturing standards and we have strict quality checks at each step of the manufacturing process.

Want to learn more? Watch how we do it:

Cosmetic certification

All our products are rigorously tested in external laboratories according to the most professional standards in the Netherlands. Each ingredient of each batch has been tested on its toxicological profile, chemical composition and levels of exposure according European legislation. That's why all of our product fully comply with the  Cosmetic Products Safety Legislation (EC) No 1223/2009.

We made these investments so you can now enjoy jagua completely worry-free!

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