• At Jagua Henna, we are passionate about providing you with the tools to create stunning body art experiences. Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision: making Jagua accessible to henna artists worldwide. Guided by principles of sustainability and care for our customers, we keep improving our products and services. We learn the needs and challenges of henna artists to support them at every step of their creative journey. 

  • Our company oversees the entire process: it begins in Colombia, where we source Jagua fruits and process them into high-quality cosmetic products The journey continues to the Netherlands, from where we ship them to henna artists worldwide. We stand prepared to be your trusted partner for all things Jagua.

    We invite you to explore our range of Jagua products, together we can make the world more beautiful with Jagua.

  • Sander


  • Frederique

    General manager

  • Dahiana

    Sourcing and processing

  • Aderinola

    Fulfillment and shipping

A look back on the past


Start of Jagua Henna when we got our first encounter with Jagua deep in the Amazon rainforest. The people showed us this beautiful product and we got inspired by its potential and were eager to learn more about it.


Our journey started with humble experiments in creating our own Jagua gel. We then established a webshop and began shipping products to our first customers.


Shifted production to our professional laboratory and obtained cosmetic certification. One of our co-founders relocated to Suriname to establish a foundation promoting social enterprises and explore opportunities for our own jagua fruit production.


Expanding our product line, we introduced powdered and juiced forms of Jagua into our portfolio.


After visiting the henna market in India and observing jagua sourcing in Panama, we became concerned about the sustainability and quality of jagua fruits. This led us to the decision to establish a factory in a different location.


Despite COVID-19 setbacks, we recognized jagua’s potential and decided to double-down during slow sales by establishing our own production facility in Colombia. This allows us to oversee the entire Jagua supply chain, ensuring high-quality and safe products.


We faced a steep learning curve when our produced powder turned out too granular, resulting in complaints. We quickly made adjustments to improve the products but unfortunately missed the high season.


We welcomed a new team member and focused on improving our service and taking better care of our customers. We made the decision to lower our prices, opening the door for more artists to experience these products. We tackled issues with stock and found solutions to ensure consistent product availability.


This year was all about getting to know our customers better and better. Conversations with henna artists from all over the world showed us what matters and how we can serve them in the best possible way.


2024: In 2024, our goal remains unchanged: to bring joy to jagua fans worldwide with high-quality jagua products.

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