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Jagua Juice 1000 ml

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Dispensing Bottle 15 ml
Dispensing Bottle 15 ml
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Jagua juice, also known as Jagua ink, is a natural product made from Genipa Americana fruit. The fruit is harvested and squeezed to create 100% natural and fresh juice. You can use the ink to create your own batch of Jagua gel or Hengua paste, a mixture of Jagua and Henna. This makes it perfect for professional artists or dedicated hobbyists.

How to make Jagua gel from Juice

How to make Jagua gel from Juice

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Our fresh Jagua ink is 100% natural and free from synthetic dyes and chemicals. Simply mix the ink with the right ingredients and apply it to the skin using a tattoo applicator or stencil. It will dry quickly and leave a beautiful, blue-black temporary tattoo that will gradually fade over time.

Whether you are a professional tattoo artist looking to offer a unique temporary tattoo option to your clients, or you simply want to experiment with body art at home, our fresh Jagua ink is the perfect choice. It is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and offers a safe and natural alternative to traditional tattoo inks.


Jagua Henna