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of Premium Jagua Products

Buy affordable, safe and sustainably sourced Jagua gel, powder, and juice. JaguaHenna sources 100% natural and fresh Jagua fruits from Colombia and processes them into ec1223/2009 compliant products. Enjoy premium quality Jagua at the best prices worldwide.


For the Jagua Artist who
wants to work with
quality ink

Great dark stain that lasts up to 2 weeks!

  • Premium quality Jagua for dark 2-week tattoos
  • Best prices worldwide, global shipping
  • Safe and worry-free (EC1223/2009 certified)
  • Sustainable products from tree to tattoo

Sustainable from Tree to Tattoo

Do you know how your Jagua is collected, processed? Or whether it complies to cosmetic standards? JaguaHenna products are worry-free as we are building a truly sustainable Jagua supply chain. Please join our journey from tree to tattoo.

30 000

Fruits collected


Kilograms of fruit bought


Trees sourced


Trees planted


Families supported

6 500 000 COL$

Additional local income
1. Sustainable Jagua fruit collection

In Colombia, Jagua trees are not used and cut down. Now farmers get good prices for unused fruits. We ensure safe picking and leave 50% of the fruits to protect biodiversity.
2. Responsible Processing

The Jagua fruits processed in our professional and clean factory. The fruits are carefully handled by a team of 35 female, full-time employees. Superior stain and product quality are our top-priority.
3. Safe and Certified Products

Our laboratory in The Netherlands processes the Jagua powder into an EU cosmetic compliant product (ec1223/2009). All Jagua products come with product documentation and never contain PPD or harmful ingredients.

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Frequenlty asked questions

How can you provide cosmetic compliant Jagua and still offer such low prices? We made a lot of investments to control the supply chain from Tree to Tattoo. This was the only way to ensure a sustainably sourced product, that comes with cosmetic standards, and where everybody can make a fair income.