Cosmetic certification: Why is it important?

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Cosmetic certification: Why is it important?
At Jagua Henna, your safety is our top priority. We believe that creativity and well-being should go hand in hand. In this article, we will delve into the importance of cosmetic certification and its role in ensuring a secure and enjoyable Jagua experience.

Testing and Cosmetic certification

All our products undergo testing and evaluation in external laboratories according to the European cosmetic regulations (ec1223/2009). The result? Every product we offer proudly bears the label of cosmetic certified. This signifies that our products are not only safe but have been thoroughly vetted, giving you a complete peace of mind.

Natural origin

Jagua, sourced from the fruits of the Genipa Americana tree, is a 100% natural product. Our jagua gel contains a few other ingredients which are also natural and often used in food products. This natural source ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for users. However, even with cosmetic certification and it’s natural source, it’s essential to acknowledge that some people may be allergic to it. 

Individuals can be allergic to natural substances

For instance, if you have fruit or peanut allergies, you could be sensitive to Jagua as well. We do not advise the use of Jagua if you have fruit allergies, eczema, extremely sensitive skin, or G6PD. 

To mitigate potential reactions, perform a patch test. Apply a small amount of Jagua to a small skin area and monitor for any negative responses. If no irritation occurs within 15 to 120 minutes, you’re good to proceed, ensuring your creative journey remains smooth.

Inform your customers

We always advise jagua artists to inform your customers about this possible allergic reaction beforehand. Ask your customer the question if they are allergic to fruits, peanuts, have a sensitive skin of G6PD. In this way, your customers can make a well informed decision. You can also share our product documentation with your customers to show them that the product is safe and cosmetic certified. This shows that you, as an artist, use safe products.

Reject harmful alternatives

Sadly, not all temporary tattoo products prioritize your well-being. Some might contain harmful ingredients such as toxic substances or PPD (paraphenylenediamine), which can harm your skin. this underscores the true value of cosmetic certification. With Jagua Henna’s certified products, you’re shielded against such risks, providing you with confidence.

In summary, cosmetic-certification isn’t just a label, it’s a guarantee of our dedication to your safety.

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