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About Jagua

How does Jagua work?

JaguaHenna™ tattoo gel dyes the skin into a dark blue/black color which will last for 10-20 days. Exposure to air (oxidation) activates the gel which gives you a 100% natural tattoo.

Where does Jagua come from?

Our Jagua fruits are collected by indigenous people from the Panamanian rainforests.

How is Jagua different from ‘traditional’ henna?

JaguaHenna will dye the skin dark blue/black for 2 weeks.

  • Traditional Henna will dye the skin red/brown. There is no such thing as safe Black Henna.
  • Traditional Henna has been used for centuries throughout the Middle-East and Asia.
  • Jagua has been used for centuries by the local tribes of Central and South America.

What’s the difference between Jagua gel & juice / ink?

Jagua gel is an EC 1223/2009 certified, ready-made product which you can apply directly to the skin and gives you a stable result. Jagua juice / ink is freshly squeezed juice of the Genipa Americana fruit. Its consistency is like water which makes it unsuitable to be applied directly to the skin. With Jagua juice / ink you can do it yourself; use it to mix your own Jagua gel or Hengua paste, boost your stain, create a consistency of your liking or alter your colour.

How do Jagua products stain the skin?

The colourless Jagua juice (Genipa Americana) oxidizes when exposed to air. This oxidation process is the reason that your skin can gradually darken. So, after our tattoo gel touches the skin for ~2.5 hours, it will take 12 – 24 hours before the tattoo will reach its most intense colour.

What tattoo colour does it give?

Black with a hint of Dark blue. The exact colour depends on your specific skin type.

Will the tattoo show up well on dark skin?

Absolutely. Either dark or light, Jagua will create a beautiful distinct stain. Generally, the tattoo tends to black on a dark skin whereas it will be dark blue on light skin.

Does Jagua come in other colours?

Unfortunately not. Jagua will only dye the skin Dark blue / black.

What is JaguaHenna™ shelf life?

FREEZE JAGUAHENNA™ AT -20 DEGREES! This way, Jagua gel will preserve its staining capacity for 12 months. When used within 30 days, freezing is solely recommended but not required. Oxidation (exposure to air) will activate the gel. Before storing the tubes: squeeze out excessive air, seal by using the plug and screw on the cap. Contact with oxygen and improper storage conditions will reduce Jagua staining properties.

How to store Jagua?

Always freeze JaguaHenna at -20 degrees Celsius!

How often can I freeze & thaw Jagua?

FREEZE JAGUAHENNA™ AT -20 DEGREES! You can freeze and thaw JaguaHenna many times as the deteriorating effect is negligible. Just be sure to freeze immediately after you’re finished using the gel! However, to avoid unnecessary thawing, it might be wise to repack large bottles in smaller containers

How long does it take to thaw the gel?

Thawing a 10ml tube will take about 30 minutes.

Is it really a two week tattoo?!

Absolutely! And everything is safe and natural. :-) ™ tattoos will gradually fade as your skin regenerates. The tattoo will last for 10-20 days due to this process.

What is Jagua exactly?

JaguaHenna™ is a 2 week tattoo gel made of 100% natural ingredients. JaguaHenna™ creates a dark blue/black tattoo that lasts for 10 – 20 days. Jagua (Genipa Americana) is derived from a fruit that grows in the rainforests of Central- and South America. These fruits are also used for traditional jams, desserts and beverages. Due to its antibacterial and antibiotic properties it even helps against colds, sore throats, bronchitis, and other illnesses!