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Our jagua gel, jagua ink & jagua powder are made with 100% natural ingredients and gives you a dark blue / black temporary tattoo for two weeks. Jagua is derived from fresh Jagua (Genipa Americana) fruits that are collected in Colombia.

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What our customers say about us
  1. Thank you and thanks for your product
    Thank you and thanks for your product !

  2. Result is great !
    I tried to mix Jagua and henna and the result is great

  3. Absolutely stunning!
    Absolutely stunning, only after 1hr on my skin

  4. Thank you for your Jagua !
    Thank you for your Jagua!

Frequenlty asked questions

How can you provide cosmetic compliant Jagua and still offer such low prices? We made a lot of investments to control the supply chain from Tree to Tattoo. This was the only way to ensure a sustainably sourced product, that comes with cosmetic standards, and where everybody can make a fair income.