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How to apply Jagua

What’s the process of creating a Jagua tattoo?

The instructions provided apply for using our JaguaHenna tubes.

  1. Remove the cap.
  2. Remove the seal.
  3. Click on the accompanying needle.
  4. Squeeze gently to draw your tattoo.
  5. Done? Squeeze out excessive air, seal by using the plug & screw on the cap.
  6. Leave tattoo to dry, avoid smudging.
  7. Peel of the gel after at least 3 hours.
  8. The tattoo will show its full colour the following day.

Tips for reusing:

  • Clean needle with accompanying needle.
  • Store tubes in freezer to maintain staining capacity for up to one year.

What do I need to create a Jagua Henna tatoo?
How much Jagua gel do I need for a tattoo?

The amount of Jagua gel you need depends on your tattoo design. You can find an estimated number of tattoos on each individual product.

How can I copy my tattoo design on my skin?

You can copy your temporary tattoo design to your skin in various ways:

  1. Try to copy it by freehand drawing
  2. Use Transfer paper, which makes it really easy!

I’ve made a mistake! What to do?

Remove the mistake as soon as possible using toilet-paper, disinfectant and a q-tip! removing the gel, make sure to completely clean the skin. Jagua is extremely potent and can even dye the skin with a subtle touch.

Can I draw shaded tattoos?

A thick layer of Jagua will give a dark result whereas thin layers have a lighter effect. Practice makes perfect :-)

Can I apply Jagua with Henna cones?

Absolutely. In that case you'll be needing wholesale gel. You can find this through selecting Jagua Henna professional products. Otherwise we'll supply gel in 5ml / 10ml tubes as they are very easy to draw with. Just click on the accompanying needles and you're ready to go.

How to make hengua paste?

If you are an experienced henna artist, please use your standard henna paste recipe and experiment by replacing henna powder with Jagua powder. We recommend to start with a 50% Jagua powder 50% henna powder formula and alter by adding less or more Jagua powder for different staining effects.

This recipe gives you approximately 100 grams (100ml) of hengua paste.


  • 12.5g Jagua powder
  • 12.5g henna powder
  • 67.5g water
  • 7.5g essential oil (lavender, eucalyptus or squalene)
  • 10g sugar

How to mix:

  1. Add Jagua and henna powder to a mixing bowl
  2. Add water while mixing thoroughly
  3. Add essential oil while mixing thoroughly
  4. Add sugar when you are living in a dry heat setting, do not add if you are in a humid setting
  5. Mix thoroughly and let the formula settle for at least 12 – 24 hours. Please note: The time for Henna powder to release its dye depends. Please see tips below.
  6. Mix thoroughly again to remove any lumps. Strain your Hengua paste through a stalking if needed
  7. Now you can put your Jagua paste in an applicator bottle or a cone.

General tips

  • Always use top quality essential oils and henna powder to ensure a good stain. 
  • It also depends per henna powder when its dye will be released. As every henna powder has its own properties, please work with henna powder that you are familiar with so you know how long it takes for it to release its dye. 
  • We recommend you to add less or more Henna Powder to get different staining effects.
  • For Hengua paste using our Jagua Powder, we recommend to remove the Hengua paste by peeling it of the skin. It takes 24 to 48 hours for Hengua to reach its most intense stain. Avoid contact with water in the meantime.

How to make Jagua gel?

Make your own Jagua gel using Jagua powder! Please detailed mixing instructions below.