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Health & Safety

Is Jagua safe?

Absolutely. Jagua products by Jagua Henna are safe cosmetic products that can be applied directly on the skin. Our products comply with European Cosmetic Regulations 1223/2009.

Read more about our health and safety practices.

What are the ingredients of Jagua gel?

The main component of our Jagua Henna formula is the fruit juice of Genipa Americana. In addition to this it contains an Olive oil derivative (Phytosqualane), a thickener (Xanthan gum), water, a preservative (Sodium benzoate) a preservative (Potassium Sorbate) and Citric Acid. Al these ingredients are 100% natural and are also used in food products.

Can anyone use Jagua?

Jagua is a fruit. As some people are allergic to fruits or peanuts, it can happen that people are also sensitive to Jagua. We do not recommend the use of Jagua gel for people with fruit-allergies, eczema, extremely sensitive skin and/or G6PD. To prevent allergic reactions or irritations, test Jagua on a small patch of skin before applying the tattoo. The tattoo can be drawn without a problem if you’re not experiencing any irritation within 15 – 120 minutes.

Read more about our health and safety practices.

Does Jagua contain alcohol?

Jagua products by Jagua Henna do not contain alcohol. Our products are made of 100% natural ingredients.

Does Jagua contain PPD?

Jagua products by Jagua Henna do not contain PPD or any other toxic substances. Our products are made of 100% natural ingredients.

How is Jagua different from Black Henna?

Jagua Henna is NOT black henna. Please be aware of black Henna products! These products are made of traditional henna mixed with the chemical substance ParaPhenyleneDiamine (PPD). This PPD polluted henna is dangerous and can cause blisters and scars. Do not use these products!

Jagua is the ONLY safe product that gives you a dark blue/black temporary tattoo. Our products do not contain these chemical substances. Our Jagua products are carefully researched, developed and produced. Because of this, always ask Jagua artists whether they can show appropriate Jagua Henna documentation.

Does applying Jagua hurt?

Absolutely not! A Jagua tattoo is 100% pain free.

Why use a needle when it's for external use only?

True, Jagua Henna is exclusively for external use. We provide blunt needles to create detailed drawings on the skin. This accompanying needle is blunt and simply clicks into Jagua Henna tubes. Basically, it's a Click & Go system :-)

How can I view Jagua product documentation?

Enjoy worry-free Jagua that complies to all European cosmetic legislation (ec1223/2009). Useful to show to customers or Government officials. You can access all product documentation after placing an order. Afterwards you can log-in and access all product documentation here: Health & Safety