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After Applying Jagua

How to avoid & clean a clogged needle?

Flush the needle immediately after use with the accompanied dropper to avoid clogging. Soak in boiled hot water if your needle is blocked.

How long does a Jagua Henna tattoo need to dry?

At least 2,5 hours. However, the longer, the better! Just don’t forget to remove the gel before going to bed. This will prevent smudging your precious design.

Why does the tattoo doesn’t show directly after removing the Jagua gel?

Don't worry! Your tattoo needs time to develop. It takes 12 – 24 hours for your tattoo to reach its peak darkness.

How long will my tattoo last?

Jagua Henna tattoos will last 10 – 20 days.

Can I expose my temporary tattoo to water?

Absolutely! Just be careful while scrubbing and wiping your tattoo as this will increase fading.

How can I protect my Jagua Henna tattoo?

By taking the right precautions you can enjoy your tattoo for two weeks. Basically, you need to take care of your skin:

  • Avoid friction and scrubbing.
  • While showering and swimming; be careful with washing the tattoo-area and gently pat it dry.
  • Protect the tattoo with a thin layer of petroleum jelly (or something similar) while swimming, bathing, showering and sleeping.
  • Enjoying nice weather? Protect the tattoo with suntan lotion.
  • Avoid dehydration of the skin.
  • Drink plenty of water.

How do I remove my Jagua Henna tattoo?

Removing a Jagua Henna tattoo is possible but will take some days. The most effective and harmless way is to gently scrub the tattoo using an exfoliate. Your tattoo will fade after a few sessions. Stop scrubbing when you experience any discomfort.