Sustainable Sourcing

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Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable fruit sourcing

In Colombia, Jagua trees are not used and cut down. Now farmers get good prices for unused fruits. We ensure safe picking and leave 50% of the fruits to protect biodiversity.

Safe collection practices

Did you know that jagua trees grow up to 30 meters tall? And that fruit collection can be dangerous?

We believe that jagua suppliers should prove that their fruits are collected safely. We only buy fruits that are sourced from small trees or that are collected with climbing equipment. We already started working with smaller trees for easier and safer future collection.

Preservation and reforestation

Jagua trees are native to Colombia. But the trees are not really used and cut down. Now farmers can get good prices for unused fruits.

Buying Jagua fruits helps to preserve existing trees. Because farmers now have an economic incentive to preserve jagua trees. Together, we are also studying and replanting Jagua trees.

Protecting biodiversity

The preservation and reforestation of jagua trees will help to reduce negative impacts related to climate change and will help to protect local biodiversity.

At least 50% of the fruits are left on the tree to protect biodiversity. Animals, birds, and insects can eat the fruits so that the trees can naturally disperse.

Extra income and fair payment

Did you know that local farmers didn’t use jagua fruits before? They simply cut down the trees as they did not see the economic potential.

We buy fresh fruits from local farmers and pay them a fair price per kilogram. If you use jaguahenna, you automatically support local incomes and help to preserve native trees.

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