Responsible processing

Up to date in September 2023
Responsible processing

All of our Jagua products start with 100% natural and fresh Jagua fruits. So how go from tree to tattoo? The journey starts in Colombia where we process the Jagua fruits and ends in the Netherlands where we transform the raw ingredients into safe and certified products.

Picking winners for the best stain

Only the best jagua fruits are selected and collected. Fresh jagua fruits are then quickly transported to the factory for further processing.

Fresh jagua fruits that are processed quickly will contain more genipin. This is how you get the best stain for temporary tattoos.

Selection of the best jagua fruits

After collecting the Jagua fruits, we quickly transport them to the factory. At the factory we do another selection round so that only the best fruits will be processed.

The best fruits contain more genipin. And this is how you get jagua with an intense dark blue / black temporary tattoo stain.

Quality checks for an ultra-dark stain 

Our factory complies with good manufacturing standards. And our slow dehydration process will protect jagua’s staining capacity.

We have strict quality check at different steps of the manufacturing process so that any underperforming produce is removed. Strict quality checks are needed to get jagua with an intense stain. 

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